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Happy Family

親子教育資源中心 .北約華人基督教會.喜樂山華人基督教會合辦

親子講座講員: 簡朱素英牧師


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1. MJCCC 將從 2022 年10月 9日 起,逢星期日5PM 在 Cornerstone Christian Community Church,  (9680 Ninth Line, Markham, ON L6B 1A8) 進行實體崇拜, YouTube 網上觀看 可經 連結。有任何查詢請聯絡Pastor Sunny Wong黃缵舜牧師!謝謝!

2) 在本週五(12/2,晚上7點)我們會到Gibson Ctr 幫助 “喇合事工” 包裝聖誕禮物,以便“喇合事工”接下來的聖誕節探訪。如有興趣,請聯絡 黃牧師!


1) "山上聚一聚"祈禱會: 
: 2nd and 4th 星期二8pm on Zoom (從2/8/22 起)



1.  王玉梅 (加拿大國際差傳協會) 
請為於11 月舉行的兩個聚會代禱。 
11 月 5 日至 6 日舉行的「啓發聖靈週末退修營」,玉梅教會將有八位會友參加。 
11 月 13 日在中原基督教大學浸信會恩惠舉行的特別主日崇拜,將會有39 位會友參加。講員是戴繼宗牧師。崇拜後,一行人將參觀永安漁港。 



1.      華人基督傳道聯會2023以色列遊學團
費用:每人加幣 $4599 (30-34人) ; $4409 (45-49人) 
報名查詢:905-479-2236 ext. 300



1. Starting from Oct 9 (Sunday, 5pm), MJCCC will have worship service at Cornerstone Christian Community Church,  9680 Ninth Line, Markham, ON L6B 1A8 every week; Online viewing link on home page. . Please contact Pastor Sunny if you have any questions. 

2. We will help Rahab ministry to pack up Christmas gifts this Friday at Gibson Ctr (12/2, 7pm) for its following Christmas visitation. If interested, please contact Pastor Sunny!

Small Group

1) "Mountain Talk"

Prayer meeting:  2nd & 4th Tues, 8pm on Zoom,

If interested, please contact us above!

Mission News

1.   Carol Voung (SEND International of Canada) 
Praise Our Lord for using the seeker group “Journey of the Happiness” to reach out to the non-believers through Carol’s church in Gongguan, Taiwan. Two non-believers decided to follow the Lord and continue to receive discipleship training. The Bible Study groups on Wednesdays and Fridays are also helping new believers to grow in their faith. 
Please pray for the two events in November.  

  • The Alpha’s Holy Spirit Weekend Retreat on November 5 &6 will have 8 members from Carol’s church to attend. 

  • The special Sunday Worship on November 13 at the Grace & Mercy Baptist Church of Chung Yuan Christian University will have 39 members to join. The guest speaker is Rev. James Hudson Taylor IV. After the service, the group will visit Yongan Fishing Port.  

May God edify His people through these events. 

1.      ACEM Israel Holyland Tour 2023
Date: Feb 20-Mar 3, 2023 (12days) 
Cost (CAN): - $4599 per person (30-34 persons)
- $4409 per person (45-49 persons)
Registration & Query: 905-479-2236 ext. 300
Registration Form (Download):