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Mount Joy Christian Community Church



Rev Sunny Wong 黃纘舜牧師

MJCCC Church Planter喜樂山華基植堂牧師

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親愛的弟兄姐妹們,我叫Sunny。我於1996年從香港移居加拿大。在神的恩典下,我於2004年進入Tyndale神學院攻讀M.Div,並於2006年畢業於Tyndale。從那時起,我就職於北约華人基督教會的英語部 (。在2020年,上帝為我打開了另一扇門,讓我學習向萬錦市東北地區傳福音。自2020年9月起,我在ACEM(和北约華基的支持和指導下,在這家新教堂-喜樂山華人基督教會(MJCCC)-中服事。由於Covid-19疫症關係,初時以網上 進行,後轉到 Cornerstone Christian Community Church (CCCC)有實體聚會。感謝神,從2022年10月9日起,我們續租用CCCC 在下午5時,有會!願上帝祝福您們和這個新教會!

我於2008年與Ivy Cheung結婚,我們有一個女兒Lori。自2011年以來我們一直在萬錦市居住。

Dear brothers and sisters, my name is Sunny. I moved from Hong Kong to Canada in 1996. By God's grace, I entered Tyndale Seminary to study M.Div in 2004 and graduated from Tyndale in 2006. Since then, I had served in the English ministry of the North York Christan Community Church ( In 2019, God opens another door for me to serve HIM and the community in the northeast region of Markham. With the support and guidance of ACEM ( and NYCCC, I am serving in this new church - Mount Joy Christian Community Church (MJCCC) - since Sept 2020.  Starting from Oct 10, 2020, MJCCC met regularly on Sat, 530pm online due to the pandemic situation. By God's grace, we moved to physical gathering in Nov 2021 at Cornerstore Christian Community Church. And starting from Oct 09, 2022, we move our service to Sunday, at 5pm. May God bless you and this new church!

I get married to Ivy Cheung in 2008 and we have a daughter, Lori. We live in Markham since 2011.

My contact (聯絡):; 6474063126!

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