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1st Prayer walk and Q&A about MJCCC

Q&A Q1) Where is MJCCC? We are trying to reach out the community at the north east area of Markham so we reach out a church called Olive Branch Community Church (OBCC) (175 Anderson Ave, Markham). Praise the Lord that even though OBCC only provides English service, it does see the needs and opportunities to reach out Chinese-speaking community in the area as the half of the population in Markham is Chinese-oriented.   So OBCC welcomes us to use its space to reach out the community. Our original plan is to use one of their classrooms to have the MJCCC first service at 5:30pm on Oct 10 2020 (10102020). Due to pandemic situation, we may go to do the first service online. 

Q2) Who can participate? MJCCC aims to serve GOD and have the service and fellowship gathering on each Sat starting at 5:30pm. With mission minded in heart, we are humbly aiming to serve Cantonese or Mandarin speaking congregations and English -speaking 2nd generation. Q3) What can you do if interested? You can pray for us.  Indeed, we did a prayer walk on Aug 22, 2020. Let’s do it again in Christ when you read this article. Here is our route We have seven symbolic checkpoints. 1) Olive Branch Community Church: This is where we will start our ministry and service. We pray that MJCCC submits to the head of the church, our Lord Jesus Christ and every ministry, every decision, every action & every brother and sister are loving Christ & loving church oriented. Everything starts from GOD. Pray that this church is for Christ and to glorify our Heavenly Father. MJCCC is JESUS’ church! MJCCC is God first! We also pray that MJCCC will have a good ministerial relationship with the OBCC. 2) Residential Area (Intersection of Castlemore & Williamson): The second reason why MJCCC exists is to reach out the community. It is also people-oriented church. Lets pray that MJCCC is going to serve the community, to bring Jesus Christ’s good news to the community, to review God’s salvation grace to the community, to bless the community. 3) Mount Joy Public School: We all know our 2nd generation is very important in our church ministry. Let’s pray that MJCCC not only can reach out to our 2nd generation but also more importantly we can disciple and nurture them to become the leaders of MJCCC in the future. They will develop the mission mind to outreach English speaking Canadians but also non-English immigrants, especially ones with Chinese heritage. In other words, we pray that MJCCC will become a church in which English speaking leaders will care for both English and Chinese congregations. 4) Mount Joy Go Train Station – it symbolizes that we ask GOD to bring more people to move in this community who will seek GOD and welcome JESUS. We look beyond what we see as we believe GOD will continue to work ahead of us and beyond our imagination. Let’s pray for courage, care and humbleness to capture the opportunities opened for us. 5) Bank (BMO) – it symbolizes that we need resources to serve GOD – skills, times & finance! But more importantly it is the servant hearts of brothers and sisters. Without the right serving hearts, whatever resources we have means nothing in the eyes of GOD! Let’s pray and put our faith in GOD that HE would provide our spiritual, ministerial and financial needs. 6) Construction Store (Home Depot) – Church is more than a building as it represents a deep spiritual relationship between us and God and also amongst ourselves. But a building or place can enhance our ministry and fellowship to a certain extent. We trust God at the right time that HE would provide us the challenge and opportunity to build a church building in order to enrich our spiritual family bonding and ministry. 7) Last stop: - We celebrate and give thanks to GOD all the times on our spiritual journey to follow HIM and serve HIM. MJCCC is in the hands of our GOD! It is called Mount Joy not because we want to have joy among ourselves only. It is more important that we experience joy only when our GOD is pleased with our worship, our serving, our love, our obedience and our faith. Let’s pray that whatever we do will please GOD! ------------------------------ Psalm 65:4 Blessed is the one you choose and bring near, to dwell in your courts! We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house, the holiness of your temple! 詩篇 65:4 你所揀選使他親近你,住在你院中的,這人便為有福!我們必因你居所,你聖殿的美福知足了。 If you want to know more about this ministry, feel free to contact me, Rev Sunny Wong, (! God Bless! (Sunny Wong is the Pastor of MJCCC)

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