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Mount Joy Christian Community Church


在喜樂山華人基督教會, 我們致力為所有的事奉、我們的領袖和我們的兄弟姐妹祈禱。根據聖經, 祈禱幫助我們接近我們天上的父, 尋求他的旨意。讓我們學會把祈禱作為我們生活中的主要部分。


MJCCC is committed to laying a foundation of prayer for all our ministries, our leadership, and our people. Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God. According to the Scriptures, prayer has a direct and immediate impact on the battles of life. We must learn to make prayer a regular part of our lives.

Also, we would organize prayer walk regularly to pray for our community. Contact us or fill in the form below if you have interest in joining us!

Praying Hands

代禱 (我們可為你代禱嗎? )
Prayer Request


如果您有什麼祈禱請求或想分享一些靈修感受, 我們歡迎您向我們發送您的故事, 我們將尊重您的要求和隱私。

If you have a specific prayer request or would like to share an answered prayer or devotion reflection. Feel free to send us your words. We will respond with respect to both your request and your privacy!

謝謝!Thank you!

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